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On 9 June 2015 Vicky wrote:

Hi Saskia,

I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner!  I meant to mail you as soon as we got back…

We all had such an amazing time!!  At least 3 out of our group of 4 said it was the best dive trip we had ever been on (one of our group loves wreck diving, so the Red Sea trips tipped this one to the post) 😀  We were so lucky with the marine life… Sharks on nearly every dive, manta rays on a night and a morning dive, whale sharks (about 4 sightings in a few hours) and the last night dive with the nurse sharks, stingrays and tuna was mind blowing!!

The boat and the staff were fantastic too, the food was delicious and we were never hungry.  Latif, the main dive guide was so good with all the guests, really relaxed and always there to answer our questions or just have a chat.  The dive briefs were also good, so we never had any surprises (unlike our previous trip to the Maldives, where we were often left confused once we got underwater). The dive dhoni crew were also great, managing to keep up with the demand for Nitrox for all the divers and keeping all of our kit in order.  All of the them were very friendly and helpful.

The only complaint was the A/C in our cabin, it was very hot at night making it difficult to sleep (although we were able to take plenty of naps during the day on the deck on the sunbeds).  I let Latif know as he had informed us that Carina was going for a maintenance break after our trip, so he took a note of it to see if anything could be done.  The issue really was the placement of the unit (floor level) so it wasn’t very effective in cooling the air around the height of the bunks.

That said, for the price of the trip, we got a lot more than we expected and if the A/C was the only issue, then I think we came out on top!

Thank you both so much for organising the trip and for all your patience with the problems I faced in making the transfers.

Do you have anything on Trip Advisor where I could post a review?  I did look for you before I booked, but couldn’t find anything and I will admit that I was a bit nervous not having much background on the company.  Nor could I find anything about the Carina itself (only one bad review on Trip Advisor, but it was about a day trip out of Male or somewhere, so I didn’t pay much attention to it!).  The Facebook page for the Carina was good, as I could see actual guest photos and comments.

I saw that you have a testimonial section on your website, so please feel free to use anything from this mail there.

Thanks again for everything!!  We really did have the most fantastic time!  I will be sure to recommend you to my diving friends who are looking to dive in the Maldives.

Take care.

Kind regards,

Vicky Kelly



Vicky Kelly about MV Carina

On 9 nov. 2014 om 09:09 Matt Moughtin wrote


Hi Saskia,

Sorry for the late reply.
We really enjoyed it. I have nothing bad at all to say. The inn we stayed at was very nice and the staff all friendly. The cook there was also fantastic. Gert and the guys from the dive shop were all really great as well.

Kind regards

Matt Moughtin about Ifja Inn