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The Maldives is a world famous destination for scuba diving in maldives. If you join a liveaboard or dive safari (the maldivian name for liveaboard) you will see sharks, turles and mantas on almost avery dive. Scuba diving in maldives is unlike any other dive destination and a must if you are a diver. The Maldives has two seasons or so called monsoons. The wet season which starts in May until October and the dry season which starts November until April. This having said, the seasons are not as defined as they were 20 years ago. Now it is possible to have dry periods in the wet season and wet periods in the dry season. As a rule of thumb you can say that the diving season runs from September until April. You want to avoid May because the transition from high season to low season can be very rough but it is never clear if it is in the first week of May or in the second or third week but prices in this month are low and that is for a reason. Scuba diving in maldives is extraordinary and will rock your world if you never came further than Egypt. Imagine, sharks and turtles on your checkdive and mantas on the dive after. Whitetips, grey reefsharks, silvertips, whalesharks and lately tigersharks, they all can be found in the Maldives. Mantas are a big attractions as well and are very gracious and come to check you out so they interact with you, this in the contrary to sharks. Currens are something you will be scared of but as a diving week progresses you will find out what is so special about it. In 30 seconds you will see a big Napoleon, a green turle, a formation of Eagle Rays and inbetween dozens off grey reefsharks. All attracted by the current on the corners of channels (kandus). The Maldives is famous for these strong current everything in 30seconds dive. Bring a reefhook and you can enjoy this moment a bit longer.