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Many people that visit the Maldives do so with the intentions to dive or snorkel or can not resist giving it a try once they arrive in the Maldives. Snorkeling is open to everyone who can swim and even children as young as ten can learn how to scuba dive. It’s easy in the Maldives. During a maldives diving cruise you will see much underwater wildlife ranging from Mantas to Whale sharks and from Tiger sharks to Frog fishes and everything in between. On a Maldives diving cruise you will also have the chance to dive on Wrecks, Thilas, Giris, Kandus and Farus. These are the Maldivian names for underwater islands, channels and reefs. A Maldivian dive cruise will take you on a adventure in between 1200 bounty islands. The best way to experience the Maldives is to join a Maldives diving cruise, either for snorkeling or for diving. On a Maldives diving cruise you will experience the turquoise lagoons, the white sandy beaches, the local islands and sheltered lagoons where the safari boat will be anchored at night and the delicate corals and fantastic fish life while you dive. The slogan of the Maldives is “the sunny side of life” as you will discover.
The Maldives consists of 26 Atolls which consist out of 1200 islands. From the most Southern Island to the most Northern Island the Maldives is 860 km long and 115 km wide. If you realize that a boat does only 12 knots (18 km/hour) you can imagine that in a one week trip you do not cover a lot of the Maldives. Most safaris start and end in the capital Male but there are safaris which do South and North trips. South trips are normally only done in the high season from January to the end of April as they have to travel over open ocean. The North trips are also organized in the low season when weather can be less stable. But with the current climate changes guarantees are not given ;-).