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Divers see mermaid during safety stop.

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Two lucky divers spotted a mermaid when diving at Emboodhoo Kandu in the South Male Atoll. The mermaid accompanied them on their safety stop and had no problems being photographed.

‘You don’t spot a mermaid swimming next to you everyday, we are not sure if many have captured any on camera’ the divers said.

Rare Mermaid spotted in the Maldives

About the Author
Bas has been in Information technology for 12 years after finishing his mechanical and aeronautical engineering study. After his study he started in a space engineering environment and later moved to automotive information technology. In 2007 he became fed up with the office life and went to Thailand to become a dive instructor where he worked for several companies. At the end of 2007 he had the opportunity to take over a live aboard operation in the Maldives. Being initially on low budget boats has been a tough learning school but excellent to get to know the Maldives, the way to work with crew and boats, to get to know how to get things done and to find reliable business partners. In the last couple of years he has organised more than 250 liveaboards doing more than 6000 dives. Boats he operated are the Blue Dolphin, Tombilli, Bolero, Dinasha, GTM Cruiser, Amphibiya, Haira, and Carina. Due to changing family circumstances he sold his live aboard company and started a travel agency "The Real Maldives". A company specializing in guesthouses, resorts and liveaboards in the Maldives. All hand picked because of their reliability and service.
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