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On this page Bas will be blogging about the Maldives. About islands, guesthouses and boats he visited, people, culture, food, divesites he dived, tips and tricks about the Maldives and what more. Please be back soon for more first hand info about the Maldives.

Sharks in the Maldives

There are 27 different species of sharks in the Maldives but there are only a dozen or so you will see while diving (if you have a guide who knows what he is doing). I made about 6000 dives in the Maldives during the last 12 years and here is my list of most spotted sharks, for...

What are the top 5 best divesites in the Maldives

People often ask me what the best dive site in the Maldives is. Well….that depends. In the last decade I have seen good divesites turn bad and bad dive sites turn awesome. Much depends on the circumstances, how does the current flow (effected by moon phase and...

Which dive equipment do the pros use in the Maldives?

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A blogpost by Bas discussing the dive equipment he uses in the dives he guides during his safaris. It is the evolution of more than 3500 dives in the Maldives, he tried much, this is the end result and it works. 1. Primary dive computer, a Suunto D6 A dive computer...

Divers see mermaid during safety stop.

Breaking news !!! Two lucky divers spotted a mermaid when diving at Emboodhoo Kandu in the South Male Atoll. The mermaid accompanied them on their safety stop and had no problems being photographed. ‘You don’t spot a mermaid swimming next to you everyday, we are not...

Current in the Maldives. Where does it come from?

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1. It all starts with the Monsoon   When you hear ‘Monsoon’ you hear Rain. Rain can be a result of (the changing of) monsoons, but there is so much more to it then that. Most important, the monsoons are seasonal and they have different wind directions which...