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Bas (1968) has had a passion for diving for many many years.

Not happy with the office life he started traveling and finished his dive instructor course in Thailand in 2007. The same year he got an offer from his friend Ruud Paesie to take over his company “duiksafaris”, organizing dive tours in the Maldives.  After being on Ruuds trips several times he didnot have to think about it long time and in December 2007 he was cruisedirector and diveguide on his first trip.

Because there was a lot of interest not only from The Netherlands but also from around the world, he changed the name of the company to The True Maldives.

But being on the sea in the Maldives for 2 to 5 months a year for 12 years  and changing family circumstances it was time for something closer to home. Bas sold his dive safari company to 2 Dutchies (Remco and Marco) and restarted his travel agency specializing in divetrips in the Maldives.

Bas has been operating  a dozen boats himself and knows his way around in the Maldives so he knows which boats are great and which to avoid. So he only offers descent boats and a few guesthouses at interesting places for better prices than all the other travel agencies as we do not have any overhead costs.

Also, if ever you are interested in a full charter send us an email, Bas can organize custom safaris on several boats. A boat we have been using in the high season for this is MV Haira, great crew and max 14 guests (excluding safarileader and diveguides):